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A joint degree in information sciences and business allows students to prepare for careers in the management of information sciences. Examples of such careers include data/database administration, project managers, information network managers, and systems managers. This joint degree program allows students to simultaneously pursue the Master of Business Administration degree and the Master of Information Science degree.

The program is designed to allow students to earn both degrees in less time than is required to earn each degree separately. This program requires 48 semester hours and can be completed in two calendar years and two summers.

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Persons seeking admission to the joint degree program must meet the admission requirements in the School of Business. Admission to the MBA degree program in the School of Business also meets the requirements for admission to the MIS degree program in the School of Library and Information Sciences.

Joint MBA/MIS Course of Study (minimum 48 hours)

Graduate Management Core (minimum 24 semester hours, including electives)

ACCT 5510 Managerial Accounting (3)
CIS 5520 Management Information Systems (3)
DSC 5200 Managerial Statistics (3)
DSC 5530 Production and Systems Management (3)
ECON 5540 Economic Analysis (3)
FIN 5550 Financial Policies (3)
MGT 5560 Behavioral Management Theory and Analysis (3)
MGT 5565 Management Strategy and Policy Analysis (3)
MKT 5570 Marketing Strategy (3)

Information Science Core (minimum 24 semester hours, including electives)

LSIS 5010 Information Systems in Organizations (3)
LSIS 5475 Communications Science I (3)
LSIS 5110 Information Systems Policy (3)
LSIS 5171 Systems Analysis (3)
LSIS 5451 Database Systems (3)
LSIS 5452 Advanced Database Systems (3) (Prerequisite: LSIS 5451)
LSIS 5610 Information Systems Projects (3) (Should be taken at the end of the program)
Plus a 3 credit hour elective course