Presentations from the

Twelfth North Carolina Serials Conference

April 3 - 4, 2003

The William and Ida Friday Continuing Education Center
Chapel Hill, NC

Thursday, April 3, 2003
Keynote Address: Leaders and Mentors: Giving Back to the Profession
  Eleanor Cook: Presentation (Microsoft Word)
  Eleanor Cook: Resources (Microsoft Word)
  Carol Avery Nicholson: Presentation (PowerPoint)
Concurrent Session 1-A: Effective Communication: Translating Requests into Service
  Leslie Covington: Presentation (Microsoft Word)
  Ralph Kaplan: Presentation (PowerPoint)
Concurrent Session 1-B: Accidental Serialists: Recruiting for the Future
  Phyllis Garris: Presentation (Microsoft Word)
  Julianna Harris: Presentation (Microsoft Word)
  Nancy Newsome: Presentation (Microsoft Word)
Concurrent Session 1-C: The Expanding Role of Serials Paraprofessionals
  Sharon Bullard: Presentation (PowerPoint)
  Christie Degener: Presentation (Microsoft Word)
Concurrent Session 1-D: Vendors Respond to North Carolina Budget Cuts
  Eric Fairfield: Presentation (PowerPoint)
  Rob Grindstaff: Presentation (PowerPoint)
Friday, April 4, 2003
Panel Presentation: Linking to Full Text
  Adam Chesler: Presentation (PowerPoint)
  Mike Phillips: Presentation (PowerPoint)
  Jenny Walker: Presentation (PowerPoint)
Mini Session: Pay for View: Paying for Full Text
  Beth Bernhardt: Presentation (PowerPoint)

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