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MLS Curriculum – Public Librarianship

NCCU School of Library and Information Sciences

MLS curricula — Public Librarian
(On Campus Requirements — See http://www.nccuslis.org/distancelearning/dl-mls.htm for distance learning requirements.)


Objectives of the public library concentration are to educate students as librarians who have the abilities to:

  1. Analyze generally accepted theories and functions of public library service and relate them to a specific community and library system.
  2. Recognize the unique role of the public library in American communities.
  3. Recognize and understand social, governmental, and economic forces which influence public libraries.
  4. Identify significant cultural, political, and social characteristics of the community and provide appropriate materials and services for the specific clienteles.
  5. Identify other community agencies and groups with which public librarians can cooperate.
  6. Recognize different life-styles of persons who reside in the community and consider means to stimulate them to seek library service.
  7. Recognize the support for public libraries from library professional associations, state libraries, trustees, and friends groups.
  8. Exhibit imagination in developing innovative means of providing library service to the entire community.

Required Course of Study (36 semester hours)
Required Prerequisites to all Library Science Courses (taken in the order listed or concurrently)

LSIS 5000, Foundations of Librarianship and Information Services.
LSIS 5225, Selection and Use of Information Sources.
LSIS 5120, Management and Systems Analysis.
Other required courses (taken in the order listed or concurrently)

LSIS 5425, Organization of Information.
LSIS 5325, Uses and Users of Information
Other requirements for concentration (consult your academic advisor)

Two resources and services courses (Additional materials courses are recommended):LSIS 5220, Social Science Resources and Services.
LSIS 5230, Humanities Resources and Services.
LSIS 5240, Science and Technology Resources and Services.
LSIS 5245, Health Sciences Resources and Services.
LSIS 5260, Business Information Resources and Services.
LSIS 5505, Children’s Resources and Services.
LSIS 5525, Adolescent Resources and Services.
LSIS 5530, Ethnic Materials for Children and Adolescents.
LSIS 5580, Government Publications.
One type of library course: LSIS 5180, The Public Library.
LSIS 5810, Research Methods.Elective courses to complete 36 hours (consult your academic advisor)
Language requirement

What is NCCU’s foreign language requirement?

Foreign Language: 

The School of Library and Information Sciences is committed to its mission to prepare professionals to become leaders who can advance the library and information sciences in a diverse and global society. SLIS previously required its graduates to meet foreign language standards or equivalent standards. Currently, there is no foreign language requirement for students in the Masters of Library Science or Masters of Information Science programs.

Students who need a foreign language for their future careers are able to take courses at the North Carolina Central University Modern Foreign Language Department. No courses taken for this purpose may be counted for course credit toward a master’s degree in library science or information science or related certificates.