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Curriculum: Archives and Records Manager

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MLS curricula — Archives and Records Manager

(On Campus Requirements —
Not available via distance learning)

The Archives and Records Management program is a collaborative program with the Graduate Department in History at North Carolina Central University.

Upon completion of the archival and records management curriculum, a graduate should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the environment in which archival records are created, preserved and used.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to perform the archival functions of appraisal, acquisition, collection management, preservation, arrangement, description, access, and outreach.
  3. Manage resources and make decisions based on thorough evaluations.
  4. Blend theoretical and empirical aspects of archives and records management into scholarly investigations.

Courses at SLIS (taken in the order listed or concurrently)

LSIS 5000, Foundations of Librarianship and Information Services.
LSIS 5225, Selection and Use of Information Sources.
LSIS 5120, Management and Systems Analysis.

LSIS 5425, Organization of Information.
LSIS 5325, Uses and Users of Information

LSIS 5620, Practicum.
LSIS 5810, Research Methods.

  • One type of library course: LSIS 5160, The Academic Library or LSIS 5180, The Public Library, or LSIS 5140, The Special Library/information System
    One elective

Public History Courses at North Carolina Central University

HISG 5720, Introduction to Archives and Manuscripts
HISG 5728, Archival Arrangement and Description
HISG 5736, Collection Management
Elective courses to complete 36 hours (consult your academic advisor)
Language requirement

What is NCCU’s foreign language requirement?


  • Students are required to demonstrate knowledge of a foreign language, sign language, statistics, or a computer language. This requirement may be fulfilled by two semesters of course work (6 hrs credit) in a foreign language, sign language, statistics, or a computer language at the undergraduate or graduate level. Original transcripts showing the pertinent courses must be provided as evidence prior to the application for graduation. Alternatively, the requirement may be fulfilled (a) if the student passes a modern language examination administered for this purpose by the Modern Foreign Language Department at North Carolina Central University in French, German, or Spanish, or (b) if the student has a currently valid professional IT certification. No courses taken for this purpose may be counted for course credit toward the master’s degree.
  • What is NCCU’s foreign language exam like?
    According to students who have taken the exam in the past, it is 80 per cent translation and 20 per cent comprehension. The first part of the exam asks you to translate a page from the foreign language into English. You are allowed to bring and use a dictionary. The second part of the exam is a one-page article written in the foreign language; you are asked questions relating to the article. Students who have taken the exam suggest brushing up on verb conjugation as a key to passing the exam.
  • Can sign language be used to fulfill the School’s language requirement?
    Yes, if you took six credit hours of sign language at the undergraduate or graduate level
  • Note: Students who have met certain course requirements through previous academic experience should consult their academic advisor regarding the choice of suitable electives.


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