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Certifications for MLS holders

NCCU School of Library and Information Sciences

Certification Requirements for Students Already Holding the MLS

Individuals seeking School Media Coordinator (076) certification through the School who already hold a Master of Library Science degree are required to apply for admission as a special student and submit official transcripts for evaluation by the Dean.

Certification only candidates must:

  1. Meet the University’s teacher education program’s professional knowledge requirements or their equivalents (as determined through transcript evaluation by the Dean of the School of Library and Information Sciences).
  2. Provide evidence of having the State Department of Public Instruction’s K-12 competencies for School Media Coordinator (as determined through transcript evaluation by the Dean of the School of Library and Information Sciences).
  3. Complete at least 12 semester hours of course work at North Carolina Central University.

If LSIS 5620, Practicum, is not taken at this University, the School’s exit criteria form (Link to Exit Criteria Form)for School Media Coordinator (076) Competency must be completed satisfactorily by a certified media coordinator or a library media supervisor who has supervised the applicant’s work in a school media center.

Distance learning students: Please consult your advisor regarding the Practicum.


  • To Apply for Licensure (After you have completed the MLS and Additional Requirements Above), apply through NCCU School of Education Licensure Office. The NCCU Licensure officer is Dr. Sharon Spencer, Assistant Dean,(phone: 919-530-5208; fax: 919-530-5279). At the www.nccu.edu/soe web site, click on NCDPI Licensure in left frame under “Our Services ” and then click on Licensure Application packet or click here
  • Use the application form as a cover sheet.
  • There is one form in the packet that Dr. Barbara Montgomery has to sign for you. Please complete the SOE Verification form and fax it to her at 919-530-6402 and she will verify, sign, and fax it to Dr. Spencer in the School of Education or back to the student. Note: there is an NCDPI licensure application fee that is collected by Dr. Spencer along with your licensure packet.