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Media Coordinator Certification

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Media Coordinator Certification

There are certain procedures and forms which persons seeking certification as Media Coordinator (076) Class G, Master’s, in the state of North Carolina must complete. The forms listed here can be obtained in the SLIS Office:

  1. Form IHE-01. North Carolina Recommendation for Professional School Personnel (for initial certification).
  2. Form 1-B. Subsequent Application for Certification of North Carolina Professional School Personnel (for changing, adding or updating certification)
  3. Form 2. Application for a Professional Education Certificate by a Completer at NCCU.
  4. SLIS Exit Criteria Form (Competency for Media Coordinators (076))

North Carolina law requires 1)transcript(s); 2) legible copies of appropriate NTE scores, and 3) a fee of $45.00 for changing, adding, or updating certification (Initial certification/licensure is free). Money orders or cashier/certified checks should be made out to Licensure Section — NCDPI. Personal checks are not accepted.

All certification forms must be returned to the Dean’s Office, School of Library and Information Sciences, PO Box 19586, Durham, NC 27707. When returning the forms, please include a copy of all NTE scores and specialty area results* if you are applying for initial certification/licensure; a legible copy of the NTE specialty area results or PRAXIS II for the new licensing area you are adding if you already hold a certificate/license in another area.

Persons seeking certification from this school as Media Coordinator (076) must:

  1. meet the University’s teacher education program’s professional education core competencies or their equivalents, and
  2. provide evidence of having the K-12 competencies learned in the courses listed under the curriculum for the School Media Coordinator concentration.

Fulfillment of the above requirements may result in more than the 36 hours needed for the MLS degree. At least twelve semester hours must have been earned at this institution. If LSIS 5620 Practicum is not taken at NCCU, the School’s exit criteria form must be completed satisfactorily by a media coordinator or a professional library supervisor who has directly supervised the applicant’s work in a school media center. Distance learning students: Please consult your advisor regarding the Practicum.

*Students qualifying for initial certification, except for NC approved graduates at the bachelor’s level, may present GRE results (meeting the minimum scores indicated below) in lieu of the NTE PK and specialty area exams. The GRE cannot be used when adding areas to existing certificates/licenses.

GRE Scores Obtained Prior to 9/30/77

  • Verbal Ability 390
  • Quantitative Ability 400

GRE Scores Obtained After 10/1/77

  • Verbal Ability 380
  • Quantitative Ability 410
  • Analytical Ability 380