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Frequently Asked Questions — Courses

NCCU School of Library and Information Sciences

This page contains a list of frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered here, you can search the SLIS Website using the search box on the left side of this page or contact the Dean’s Office at: SLIS-Deans@nccu.edu.

  • I am an on-campus student. How do I register for courses?If you are an on campus student, you must obtain your PIN from your advisor. Your advisor should advise you first and then, if everything is okay, he or she will give you the PIN.
  • I am a distance education student. How do I register for courses? If you are an on campus student, you must obtain your PIN from your advisor. Your advisor should advise you first and then, if everything is okay, he or she will give you the PIN.
  • If a course has low enrollment, how do I know whether it will be cancelled, and what can I do if it is cancelled?There are two kinds of courses: Fall and Spring on campus courses; and Summer and DE courses. Fall and Spring on campus courses are rarely cancelled due to low enrollment because the University is already paying the instructor. Summer and DE courses work on a different, “pay as you go” model. Under this model, the instructor is paid from the money generated by students paying to take the course. If enough students pay to take the course, then the University can pay the instructor, and the course can be offered. If not, then the University can’t afford to pay the instructor. In this case, the University may offer the instructor a reduced amount to teach the course, but the instructor may or may not accept the reduced pay. (The reduced pay is usually N / 15 of the regular pay, where N is the number of students who enrolled in the class. For example, if a faculty member’s regular pay for teaching a course were $4,500 and only 5 students enrolled, the University might offer her $1,500 to teach the course. And she might decide that it just isn’t worth it.)We don’t know whether a course will have enough students until the last minute because students are allowed to register for courses until the last minute and because most students wait until the last minute to register. The problem might be solved by requiring students to register earlier, but this would reduce your flexibility.So, what can you do?
    • You can always ask the instructor whether she will teach a course with a low enrollment.
    • Always take your required courses first. MLS students should take 4000, 4220, 4300, 4400, and 5120 as soon as possible. MLS students should then take the “type of library” course (public, academic, special, etc.) MIS students should take 5010, 5475, 5110, 5171, 5451, and 5452 as soon as possible.
    • Always have a back-up plan. If at all possible, never go into a semester where you have to take a given course.
    • If you really need a course, convince your fellow students to take the course. Clearly, the more students that take a course, the greater the likelihood that it will be offered.

  • Can I audit a course?You can audit a course if you have the instructor’s permission and if you pay the fee. Note that auditing a class costs the same as taking it for credit.
  • I need to drop a course. How do I do that?You need to fill out the “Official Course Withdrawal Form.” Consult the University Document Library for this form.  You will need to return the form before the last day of class. She will submit it to the appropriate office.Please note that your instructor cannot drop you. You must initiate the process. Otherwise, you may fail the course.
  • Can I re-take a course that I have dropped?Yes, but only once. Effective January 2007, a student may re-take the same course only once. Exceptions can be made only at the discretion of the Dean. This applies to courses that have been recorded as permanent Incompletes or courses from which the student has withdrawn.
  • Can MLS students take MIS courses? Yes, MLS students in tracks that have electives may take appropriate MIS courses if their advisors approve. They must honor prerequisites but may otherwise take any of the MIS courses. Two MIS courses in particular may be of interest: LSIS 5820, Meta-Data Analysis, and LSIS 5115, Information Technology & Intellectual Property.
  • Can I take a course at Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, or NC State?Yes, students at NCCU SLIS may take courses at Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, or NC State. However, students are limited to two such courses per semester, and any student taking a course via this inter-institutional agreement must take at least one course at NCCU during that semester. For further information, please seehttp://www.nccuslis.org/courses/interinst.htm.