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This page includes various forms & documents you may need while attending the SLIS.

Forms Related to Your Application

List of Materials That You Need to Submit for Application to the School
Online ApplicationMedical Forms — Please note that completed medical forms are not required for your application, but they must be completed before you can take any classes.


Forms Related to Distance Education (if applicable)

Distance Education Forms

Forms Related to Student Opportunities at SLIS

Application for Assistantships at NCCU-SLIS are seasonally available. Please contact the SLIS offices for information.
Please note that students must be registered for 9 credit hours and be available to work at least 20 hours per week here in the SLIS.

Forms Related to School Media Coordinator Certification

Application for a Professional Education License by a CPL Completer at NCCU

      • — Application for School Media Coordinator License. The form is to be submitted to the Assistant to the Dean

Exit Criteria Form. — Evaluation of Practical Experiences for Competency as Media Coordinator (076). You have to have worked full time as a Media Coordinator for at least one year in order to complete the Exit Criteria Form in lieu of taking LSIS 5620, Practicum. Your supervisor completes the Exit Criteria for you, and you mail it to the Dean’s Assistant. The Exit Criteria Form must be received at NCCU SLIS before you can graduate.

North Carolina Licensure: Licensure Forms — Students who wish to receive NC Department of Public Instruction Licensure should contact Dr. Sharon Spencer at sspencer@nccu.edu or (919)530-5208 to request licensure forms.

The PRAXIS Series: Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers. — Information and schedules for PRAXIS exams. If you wish to take the PRAXIS at NCCU, please contact University Testing at (919)530-5826 for information and to schedule the exam.

Forms Related to the Certification of Public Librarians

Certification of Public Librarians in NC

    • — Certification of Public Librarians in NC. Includes “Regulations for Certification of Public Librarians in North Carolina” and “Application for Public Libarian’s Certificate.” NCCU SLIS courses that meet the requirements for “Competencies Checklist” include:

      • Cataloging (LSIS 4400) Reference (LSIS 4220) Collection Management (LSIS 5220, LSIS 5230, LSIS 5240, LSIS 5335, LSIS 5505, LSIS 5525, or LSIS 5180) Technology (use LSIS 4000 although this is integrated throughout your coursework) Management (LSIS 5120)

The form is to be submitted to the State Librarian.

University Forms


    • Students no longer have to fill out the Insurance Waiver form listed under forms. The insurance waiver information is available at the link below.

Insurance Waiver Form


Application for Foreign Language Examination — Form to register for the foreign language examination in order to meet the language requirement for graduation. Submit the form to the SLIS Director of Graduate Studies by the date specified on the University calendar.

Request for Graduation and Degree Checkout — Students planning to graduate must file this form with the Assistant to the Dean in the term in which they expect to graduate by the date specified on the University calendar.

Request for NCCU Official Transcripts. — Form to apply for official transcripts from the Office of the University Registrar at North Carolina University.