Call for participation

Theme: "Building Bridges: Connecting the Soul and Spirit of LIS Education in Developing Countries"
Keynote speaker: Professor Peter Lor, former Secretary General of IFLA
Objectives of the Satellite meeting:

  • To bring together LIS education experts from the developing countries to share experiences and explore the challenges and solution to the problems facing LIS education in the region.
  • To encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas amongst LIS educators in developing countries.
  • To suggest and propose future action to bridge the current digital divide and improvement of the curriculum, teaching, research and service.

We invite you to join colleagues from Africa, Asia and Latin America to share ideas, inspire, and motivate each other in the following areas:

Challenges to LIS Curriculum Development in Developing Countries; LIS Job Market in Africa; Establishing Association in LIS Education; KM Modules in Graduate Programs; Distance Education; Faculty Improvement Programs; Intercultural Leadership Toolkit for LIS Education; Networking and Collaboration; Innovative Teaching Methods; The Bologna Process of LIS Education; Bridging the Digital Divide; Attracting Prospective Students and more will be discussed at the conference.