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Humanities Field Experience Duke University Libraries

Academic Libraries: Humanities Field Experience, Duke University

Fall 2016


Summary: This field experience is designed to provide library school students with a thorough immersion in Humanities librarianship, providing an introduction to a subject librarian’s role in academic libraries. There is a heavy emphasis on learning:  this field experience curriculum is designed in collaboration with the student, but offers a variety of opportunities. Different library functions will be represented, including conservation, catalogs and cataloging; instruction; bibliography.  These will be conveyed through interviews and tours with humanities librarians and functional experts, as well as by active participation in group meetings, teaching, and some work with LibGuides.  Approximately half of the field experience will be in Duke’s Classical Studies Department library.

Desired qualities:  unflagging accuracy in record keeping; initiative; a willingness to actively participate in teaching, research consulting; a friendly and professional approach to an academic department’s faculty, staff and students.

The work:

  1. Working with the Classical Studies librarian, students will help inventory the Classical Studies Department’s library, consisting of 7000 volumes.  This is an ongoing project and will require some experience with searching catalogs, amending records, and working collaboratively with others in a joint project.  Some of the books are rare.
  1. In addition, students will have many opportunities to work with the different humanities librarians, including team teaching; attending meetings; attending workshops; and getting tours of various functions in an academic library.

The schedule: flexible, in order to accommodate participation in instruction as well as attendance in workshops and meetings.  The Classical Studies Department is open from 8am to 5pm M-F.  Ideally, the student will work 5 hours a week on the department’s library inventory, but we do not live in an ideal world.

The pay: This is an unpaid field experience.  What we don’t pay in money will be made up with all the things you’ll learn and the skills you’ll acquire.  It’s a chance to feel like a librarian with real work, real colleagues and real respect.

To apply: Please send a letter of interest and a resume by August 31st, via email to:

Greta G. Boers, MLIS greta.boers@duke.edu

Librarian for Classical Studies and the Linguistics Program

Duke University Libraries